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What about rust and corrosion? Won't a metal shipping container rust quite easily?

No. Most Shipping Containers are used for ocean shipping, humidity and saltwater. A shipping container is a special, non corrosive Corten steel; then, when coated with the Ceramic Insulation paint, it becomes virtually rust proof and also prevents mildew, mold and is highly antiseptic.

I read that shipping container homes or offices are Hurricane proof. Is that true?

Yes, either single units or multiple units connected, can withstand 100mph winds on a foundation, or 175mph winds when easily anchored with pylons. ...extremely solid in tornados or hurricanes.

Aren't shipping containers just hot ovens when they are used for homes or offices?

Absolutely not! The reality is, that the new Ceramic spray insulation is most effective when applied to metal. In fact, if you build using Ceramic Insulation paint (spray) the structure will probably be more energy efficient than a conventional home.

What types of facades and finishes can be used with CEPODS?

CEPODS can work with any façades used in traditional construction including stone, stucco, shingles, brownstone, brick and aluminum siding. We work with standard or custom finishes throughout and fit doors and windows to meet the customer’s design.

If we choose CEPODS, how is the product delivered to the project site?

The CEPODS designs can be delivered in several forms. We offer pre-designed pods to accommodate the client’s design specs, delivered to the site and placed on foundations ready for finish out by the local contractor. Alternatively, we provide a full modular build out, delivering the units 90% complete to the site where we erect, finish and close all the joints for a 100% ready to occupy building in a matter of days/few weeks.

Why promote Containers for home and office construction?

Shipping container modules are the most logical structure base for multiple reasons.
  • Strongest structure. Stronger than wood, concrete, and even stronger than normal steel buildings.
  • Lower cost per square foot than other base structures.
  • They are truly Eco-Green structures: they are 85% recycled steel, and fully recyclable if demolished.
  • Energy Efficiently because the metal is cohesive to ceramic.
  • Insulation paints they are #1 in energy efficiency.
  • Their use reduces the extreme surplus of Shipping Containers being stored near our harbors, ports beaches and even inland cities.

What is the cost of using CEPODS compared to traditional construction?

Defining traditional construction such stick builds, bricks, modular construction, CEPODS hard and soft costs are typically below those of conventional options for build out. For urban settings and buildings of multiple stores, cost savings are significant.

What are some advantages to building with CEPODS?

CEPODS are far more durable than most alternative construction choices. Our product is earthquake, hurricane, fire and tornado resistant. Building with CEPODS can save up to 40% of the time required to build conventionally.

Financing available

Special financing is now available for commercial or residential CEPODS builds.

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