Santa's Cabana

CEPODS created Santa’s Cabana in partnership with The Lincoln Road Business Improvement District to serve as a fun family activity for all to enjoy and participate in, during the holiday season. Santa’s Cabana was officially launched during the Christmas tree lighting ceremony on November 23rd,2018 at The Euclid Circle on LincolnRoad on South Beach. Santa’s Cabana served as a main attraction on Euclid Circle until Jan 6th, 2019- for locals, young and old as well as out of town visitors, with over 40,000 images taken inside the cabana.

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Kiss Me


CEPODS crafts an experience to encourage locals, tourists and any passerby to show their joy and appreciation for one another with a kiss inside our Kiss Me on Lincoln pop up box project. Some of those who engaged with the pop up took group photos, photos with their children and pets. The installation was a great success as it shows well in the day or evening. This project marks our third iteration as a pop up creation medium on Lincoln Road. The pop up expresses physical elements to be shared in the digital space.

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The Butterfly Project

Terrestrial Motion

CEPODS goes in on it's latest creation. The design is based on the twenty-foot shipping container shedding it's corrugated walls to boast instead electric motor operated walls that push out and upward to become butterfly-wing doors. The container is customized with five motorized doors and one traditional metal door to enter the unit. The exterior walls are made of marine-grade plywood and seal edging for waterproofing. When the butterfly doors are fully extended, the wing tips are LED lit with accompanying LED lights in the ceiling. The interior wood is also weather treated, with bamboo laminate flooring for easy wipe down. CEPODS accomplishes a design that gives the user access to create multifunctional activities in the space. Doors retract in various positions to craft the space needed for countless events that will forever be remembered.

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iiiPoints Music Festival


CEPODS was selected as the official sponsor for container environments for the 2019 iiiPoints Music Festival. CEPODS InfoPod serves as a central point of interest for relevant information for the festival goers throughout the three day event. CEPODS also provided three additional container environments as activation pop-ups for the iiiPoints vendors participating in the festival. CEPODS also provided a terrarium garden pop-up as an Instagrammable moment opportunity.

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Terrarium Saloon


The Terrarium Saloon an experimental project for CEPODS, and placed at The Upper Buena Vista Retail Sanctuary as an observation space. The Terrarium Saloon quickly became a treasured addition with its lush edible ecosystem beautifully designed and constructed environment made from a 20 ft converted shipping container. Any given day, you might see someone meditating or doing a few yoga poses. We typically get a lot of people doing modeling and photo shoots.

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Florida Home & Design Show 2019


CEPODS was a featured vendor at the 2019 Florida Home DesignShow. CEPODS launched its #CEPODSLIVING product line and dubbed the debut as “Blank Canvas”. Each container featured an unfinished decor, giving visitors an opportunity to imagine designing their own space. For the project, four shipping containers were stacked and staged, to resemble a functioning micro home.An additional shipping container was staged at the event’s entrance as a living room for passersby to lounge and experience the #CEPODSLIVING lifestyle.

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Origami Garden

CEPODS Origami Garden pops up on Lincoln Rd as CEPODS continues it's experimental collaboration with with Lincoln Rd Bid bringing locals and visitors of Miami Beach fun activities for the family and all to enjoy.

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Inked Miami Tattoo Parlor
Opa Locka Terminal Marketplace - Opa Locka, FL
Garden Box | Thrive Market - Opa Locka, FL
Miami Fruit - Homestead, FL
SIXT Car Rental - San Francisco, CA
Rockaway Beach Pod - Brooklyn, NY
Great Valley Farm - Homestead, FL
Sobe Wine & Food Festival - South Beach, FL
Miramar Amphitheater - Miramar, FL

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