CEPODS are refreshing alternatives to typical brick & mortar builds. Each design is custom fit for any type of business model. CEPODS are available in several finishes. Great for permanent or portable commercial application for the office, marketing, advertising, retail and expansion space. We boast quick-to-build timeframes, fit for a modest budget. The perfect combination of functionality & design - to fit all your needs:

  • Indoor / Outdoor

  • Fully portable

  • Fully assembled

  • Easy to use

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


The process begins with the layout of a cargo container. Windows, doors, mechanical, electrical and plumbing components are marked out at the onset and are cut out of the corrugated metal of the containers walls. Prior to the start of construction, container walls are sand- blasted and coated with an anti-rust primer to insure maximum durability.

Subsequently, electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems are then added to the structure, as well as proper insulating. Steel studs are often chosen as the framing element for interior and exterior walls and ceiling. Lastly, as an option the exterior walls are exposed or covered in a commercial wrap, while sheet rock, shelving or other design elements are hung to become the final wall and ceilings.



10' Container

Starting from $15,000

20' Container

Starting from $25,000

40' Container

Starting from $35,000



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Placing a Reservation

CEPODS works with you individually to configure a design scheme to meet your needs. We provide you with a sketch and pricing proposal so that you have all the information you need to decide if CEPODS is the right fit for your project.



  • You gain access to the CEPODS design lab, where our design team will work with you to create the look and functionality desired.

  • CEPODS provides animated design sketches, 2D, 3D and full renders to shape a final look.

  • CEPODS provides a comprehensive evaluation of your project needs and offers consultation to make your project efficient, eco- friendly and sustainable where ever possible.

  • CEPODS prepares pricing proposal options giving you a breakdown of cost for your specific model, potential permitting fees, utility connections and portable options for utilities, delivery options and more.


No Risk to Get Started

Reservation Deposit is credited towards your order.