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Timothy 'Tian Mao' Dunlap
Timothy Dunlap aka Tian Mao

Timothy Dunlap aka Tian Mao is the founder of CEPODS LLC, a Miami based green-build experiential real estate company that builds cost-effective multi-use environments out of shipping containers.

Tian an entrepreneur for over twenty-eight years, spent much of his life crafting business ideas and strategies, then going to market with those plans taking with him the partners, clients and business leaders he worked with to share in the profits afforded by his ability to seize new opportunities.

With those twenty eight years experience as an entrepreneur, Mao's creative mix of business engagements, started at 20 years of age. He owned and operated a courier service, initially by rollerblades and a cellphone- to then quickly expanding and operating as a small manhattan office offering work release opportunities to then current inmates as a second chance for their early release and a job guarantee.  After a serious accident, Tian later revisited his fashion interests, designing men’s wear and provided wardrobe styling expertise to young musical performing artists in the late 1980’s. Mao attended fashion institutions and excelled in fashion design and merchandising courses it the city of Paris, France and New York City, New York.

While still trying to “find himself” Mao transitioned from the fashion business while seeking a mixed use property to continue design in Atlanta, Georgia he stumbled onto the lucrative real estate market of the late 1990’s where he focusing on buy/sell, fix/flip for 9 years. During those years, he amassed many types of properties not limited to, commercial, residential, raw land, and underfunded subdivisions.  The real estate owned was later sold off at and during the 2005-2009 real estate turmoil period.  

Tian in 2009, jetted off to West Africa where he began trading commodities.   This is the beginning of CEPODS, and how Tian started to formulate the ideas about what his next big career opportunity would be. While trading he began to see in the hub centers of town, small business in (very small spaces) doing just as well as neighboring businesses that were larger & holding more real estate. As Mao witnessed these“micro-spaces” in operation, this became part of the future conceptualization which brought CEPODS to life.

He currently resides in Miami Beach with his wife Kumiko and two children Kenzo and Rihanna. Timothy Dunlap aka Tian Mao has recently received be awarded by the Small Business Administration the 2019 Minority Small-Business Owner Of South Florida Region.

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