What we do

We create container environments that impact and engage visitors.

CEPODS, LLC is a design and build company, converting shipping containers into retail, commercial, residential, hospitality and event units that can be utilized as almost any interactive space. The team's expertise is based in design, marketing, architecture, engineering, real estate, and small business management.

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CEPODS are far more durable than most alternative construction choices. Our product is earthquake, hurricane, fire and tornado resistant.

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CEPODS can be delivered pre-designed and then delivered to the site.

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CEPODS can work with any façade used in traditional construction including stone, stucco, shingles, brownstone, brick and aluminum siding.

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We work with you to configure a design scheme to meet your needs.

CEPODS terrarium


CEPODS are refreshing alternatives to typical brick & mortar builds. Each design is custom fit for any type of business model. Great for permanent or portable commercial application for the office, marketing, advertising, retail and expansion space.


Our goal is to meet the ever-changing lifestyle needs from both a lifestyle perspective and environmental standpoint. CEPODS enters the custom design home market with pricing that is affordable. We work with standard or custom finishes clients can customize to their needs.


Our modern design standards are ideal for anyone interested in operating, marketing, advertising or expanding their presence by using innovative, sustainable and commercial space with repurposed shipping containers.


We offer customized specialty builds. Our previous builds include 20’ & 40’ full kitchens, full bars and private entry to multi stall restrooms called CEPODIES. We have built human-sized terrariums on our mission to build grow-house units for vegetables to growing cannabis. Other specialty areas: Pools, Medical facilities, Learning centers.